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Services Overview

Tahan Technologies prides itself on the professional friendly service it provides Brisbane and the surrounding area providing a range of different Technology Services to suit client specifications and requirement. With over 20 years the the technology industry we have the knowledge and experience to provide the best possible advice and service for:

  • Website Design & Development
  • Custom Application Development
  • Website & Application Hosting
  • Cyber Security Management
  • Onsite IT Business Support
  • Home Equipment Installations

Web Design & Development

We can help you build great websites that work. A successful website is a carefully thought out extension of your business that can help not only to bring in more revenue but also provide improved communication with your customers. At Tayhan Technologies we specialise in wed design and implementations using :

  • WordPress
  • JQuery
  • Php
  • Full Stack Deployments
  • Bootstrap Framework
  • Thymeleaf Template Engine

Our websites are designed from the ground up to embody your brand and function seamlessly on any screen or device. If you already have a web presence and just require some alterations, we also provide maintenance services for exiting website deployments.

Check out some of our featured clients or talk to us today for more information.

Custom Application Development

Our Custom Application Development utilises the latest in development technologies, methodologies and frameworks to help you achieve your online business goals. We use a detailed step-by-step approach which covers research, planning, design, development, launch and post-launch maintenance of your application, leading to the best possible outcome for your custom application solution.

We keep you updated each step of the way and do extensive stress tests so that you will have an error-free launch.

Website & Application Hosting

At Tayhan Technologies we are able to leverage agreements with leading Cloud Computing companies to provide you with the best hosting solution for your requirements. Whether it be a simple WordPress website through to Full Stack Application we are able to provide hosting services based on your requirements.

As part of the hosting service we are able to provide

  • Database Capabilities
  • DNS Name Registration
  • SSL Certificate Setup for secure site access.
  • Container based deployments
  • Range of different Platform choices.
  • Implementation of Google’s AdWords for site SEO & Analytics reporting.

Our services also provide for migration of existing websites and applications to our support platform.

Cyber Security Management

Tayhan Technologies offers professional services for a proactive approach to application security and addressing client’s unique security needs based on Cert Australia Security policies..

With proven expertise in secure software development we help you ensure data and application security of your software.

Software Security Services:

  • Software application security
  • Development of data protection tools and services
  • Guidance for structuring a software security initiative
  • Assess and prioritise the foundational components of cyber security and privacy
  • Build a strong foundation for client`s software security initiative with policies, standards, and metrics
  • Software security testing (product security, vulnerability and penetration testing)
  • Software security audits

Tayhan Technologies prioritizes the software security at every stage of a software development life cycle and its activities.

Onsite IT Business Support

Tayhan Technologies provides onsite IT business support for ongoing and emergency one-off support.

Unexpected IT glitches can happen to any business,anywhere, and they almost always cost money.

If you’re experiencing a fault in your system, give our experienced technicians a call for fast, efficient help.

With 20 years’ IT experience under our belt, we’ve seen every IT failure and hiccup under the sun. We know what works and how to fix the problem quickly.

Hardware Upgrades to existing equipment.




Home Equipment Installations & Upgrades

Tayhan Technologies provides professional, friendly installation service at your home. We service Brisbane and surrounding areas with delivery and new installations of:

We also have the experience to provide operating advice to enable you the get the best from your new equipment.